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Admission form once issued will not be returned or refunded & is not transferable.

The admission will not be final till the submission of all the required documents and verified by the institute authorities/officials/principal & the admission will be provisional. Any document which is submitted once can never be returned in any manner.

Any dues related to the fee or any matters must be cleared before the dates decided by the institute. Failing to do so could result in the cancellation of the admission. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm the dates from the authorities or keep himself/herself updated from the main notice board/ institute website.

In any of the circumstances, fee once deposited will not be refunded.

Duly filled University Examination Form will be deposited to the concerned class teacher/ assigned college staff only after the clearance of the institute full fee.

It is the responsibility of the student itself to follow the deadlines of the Admission Forms, Examination forms, Scholarship Forms, Laptop Forms or any other Government sponsored Scheme Forms. Institute will not be responsible for any of the negligence by the student.

Student can be suspended/terminated in case of any abnormal behavior with course mates, other course mates, institute staff, teachers and management or breaking the discipline. In such case, fee will not be refunded.

Student has to maintain an attendance criteria of 75% for a particular session in each subject separately in theory as well as in practicals (if applicable) as per the university norms. Failing to do so could result in not issuance of the Examination Admit Card or debarred from the examination hall.

Prior permission will be essential from the competent authority in case the student is likely to be absent for 3 consecutive days, failing which his name may be struck off from the roll.

During the teaching hours, students are not allowed to leave the institute campus without written permission/ issuance of the gate pass.

To loiter here and there in the campus is not allowed, students are confined to the designated area only.

University examination admit card/hall ticket will be issued only after the clearance of no dues certificate and deposition of library card compulsorily.

Consumption of alcohol, cigarette, pan masala & tobacco is strictly not permitted inside the institute premises. Also if the institute staff, teachers & management is not satisfied with the character/behavior/antecedents of the student, he/she will be expelled from the institute at the same time without informing the parents/ guardian.

Carrying any explosive/fire arm & weapon inside the campus is strictly not permitted.

Safety of all personal belongings/valuables such as bags, stationary etc. will be the responsibility of the student.

Damaging the institute property (in any manner) will be the violation of discipline. Strict actions will be taken against the student.

Ragging is strictly banned inside the institute campus.

Institute provides only parking in specified area free of cost for two wheelers of students/ parents and not responsible for any kind of mishappening/ damage with the vehicles.

Institute will not be responsible for any of the communications regarding holidays, Examination Dates, Practical Examination Dates etc. It is the responsibility of the student to keep himself/herself updated from the main notice board/class teacher/institute website/news papers/social media.

A good quality Identity card will be issued to student once for the whole duration of the course. In case of loss or damage, a duplicate shall be issued at a specific cost, subject to a written request from a student to the concerned staff, duly signed by institute authorities.

Adhering to dress code in a smart manner and carrying identity card is compulsory for academic and allied activities daily inside the campus. Misuse of dress code & identity card in any manner will be considered as illegal activity.

Under the integral part of academic activities, student will have to compulsorily attend guest lecture, P.G. forum, participation in seminar/workshop, industrial visits & appear in the mid- term tests as per the circular from the authorities otherwise the student will be penalized in any manner.

Full course fee is to be borne by the student. In case of course withdrawal/transfer in between the session, balance of the fee of entire course shall be deposited by the student, otherwise management shall have the right to recover the due amount by the legal action.

No compensation/ claim whatsoever under any circumstances will be due on institute in case any injury or otherwise sustained by the student during his academic course inside or outside the institute campus.

In case of violation of Indian penal code Act by the student, proper legal/police action shall be initiated by the management of the institute against the students.

Student is himself/herself responsible for the correction & clearance of any type of objections from the university. It is his/her duty to inform the same to institute authorities.

The decision of the institute regarding any matters will be final and binding.

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