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The institute has a well equipped computer lab. In the current scenario, information technology knowledge is must to cope up with the sudden problems. For this, one should know how to take help from the internet and find the solution as soon as possible. Today, for every small thing like typing a letter, making a presentation, preparing rough sketch, reading pdf files etc one should know how to work on computer. The computer lab of the institute is available for the students to provide the basic as well as technical knowledge of the computer and internet related queries. It is compulsory for all the students to attend the computer labs and classes under the guidance of well qualified faculty members.

The College has established a State-Of-The-Art Computer Laboratory with terminals with the latest Pentium based computers for the students and faculty members. The Laboratory has an independent high speed Radio Link with extensive bandwidth. It also has the latest software required for teaching purposes.

Students utilize this facility for preparing seminars and the faculty uses it to enhance their lectures and tutorials.

Computers in computer labs are typically arranged in rows, so that every workstation has a similar view of one end of the room to facilitate lecturing or presentations, or in clusters, to facilitate small group work.

Advantages of Computer Labs:

1. Equity: One of the greatest advantages of having labs in institute is the fact that in the majority of cases it means everyone can have equal access to the computers. Our lab is equipped with enough computers for each student to have a machine. This is both equitable and engaging for the students.

2. Security and Maintenance of the Computers: Let's be realistic…computers are expensive! When they are kept in a dedicated room controlled by a specialist teacher, they are more secure and far less prone to becoming misused or broken. Also, the computer lab teacher will be able to perform small maintenance jobs and oversee compatible software delivery.

3. Specialist Teacher: The actual computer lab teacher is a huge advantage of having computer labs. These are typically teachers who have been selected due to their extensive knowledge in the area of I.T. Not only do they provide solid instruction in technology for the students, but also help the regular teachers with anything technology related as well. The computer lab teacher becomes the “go to” and resource person when it comes to do with anything I.T. related in the school.

4. Group Work Capability: Another key advantage of having computer labs in the school is the capability to train groups of students (a whole class for instance) in key concepts or applications at the same time. If there is a particular program or application which the teacher wants the students to learn and master, the whole class can be given instruction on it at the same time and work through the technological challenges in a supported group.

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